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GymHelsinge, Denmark, will be hosting an International Gymnastics Camp the 30th of July to the 4th of August 2017. All classes will be taught in English. The camp is being held in the best TeamGym and Tumbling facilities.

Please see the attached file, the top instructors are briefly presented below.

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Kim Fischer   
The top instructors are:
Steven Nash: Professional coach at GymHelsinge. Has tremendous coaching experience in tumbling and TeamGym. Among the best TeamGym gymnasts in the world. Former national team member in Powertumbling. TeamGym Senior Men: 4 x European Championsship (ECh) Gold, 3 x Nordic Championsship (NCh) Gold and 6 x Danish Championsship (DCh) Gold.
Dorthe Jensen: One of Europe’s most experienced TeamGym Rhytmic Choreographers. Has been a rhythmical coach at 10 European Championsships since 1996. Owns her own physiotherapy clinic, where she uses her knowledge in regards to injuryprevention and rehabilitation. Senior Women: 5 x ECh Gold, 3 x ECh Bronze, 1 x NCh Gold, 1 x NCh Bronze and 3 x DCh Gold.
Kristoffer Hayes: Chosen as one of the MVP at the European Championsships in 2014 and 2016. Active TeamGym gymnast and former member of the Danish national team in PowerTumbling. TeamGym Senior Men: 3 x ECh Gold, 3 x NCh Gold and 6 x DCh Gold.
Solveig Jónsdóttir: Keyplayer in developing TeamGym in Icelandic. Member of UEG’s Technical Committee. General Director for the Icelandic Gymnastics Federation. One of the most experienced TeamGym judges in Europe. Former active TeamGym gymnast.  Has won numerous Icelandic championsships in TeamGym and Artistic Gymnastics.
Anders Wesch: One of the best tumblers in Denmark. Former TeamGym gymnast. Tumbling: WAGC: 2nd Place, WCh: 6th Place, WC: 2nd Place and DCh: 3 x Gold,
Íris Mist Magnusdóttir: Among the most notable female gymnasts in TeamGym in Europe. Coach for the National Senior Women Team at the Europeans in 2016. Head coach in Gerpla, Iceland, for some of the best female TeamGym gymnasts in Europe. Has a degree in Sports Science and Sports Psychology.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Senior Women: 10 x Icelandic Championsship (ICh) Gold, 2 x ECh Gold, 2 x ECh Silver, 1 ECh Bronze and 2 x NCh Gold.
Kenneth Hedegaard Christiansen: Has since 2012 worked as a professional coach, works today in GymHelsinge and at the Academy of Physical Education in Ollerup. Has previously worked in Gerpla, Iceland, with some of the best female TeamGym gymnasts in Europe.  Senior/Junior Women: 1 x NCh Gold, 1 x ECh Bronze and 3 x ICh Gold
Mikkel Schertz: Experienced TeamGym coach. One of the best TeamGym trampoline gymnasts in Europe. Senior Men: 3 x ECh Gold, 3 x NCh Gold and 6 x DCh Gold.
Hans Christian Vagning: Professional coach at ABGS in Sweden where he daily coaches some of Swedens best senior Women, who also competed at the European Championship 2016 in Slovenia. Former coach at Springteam Sæby, Denmark, and Gerpla, Island.


Kim Fischer: Headcoach in GymHelsinge and for the Danish National Senior Women. Among the most experienced coaches for senior women at an international level. Participated in numerous European and Nordic Championsships since 1996. A lot of experience in building a Winning Culture in TeamGym Clubs.  Senior Women: 3 x ECh Gold, 3 x ECh Bronze, 1 x NCh Gold, 1 x NCh Silver, 2 x NCh Bronze and 3 x DCh Gold.